Museum Projects in Japan

The journey of 1000km starts from one step.
Dr. MIZUSHIMA once started with an exhibition design of 1 square meter. 
It was a small start. 
However, gradually, it became 330 square meters(Science Museum, Tokyo), 500 square meters(Hokuto-pia science Museum), 3000 (Nagasaki), 5000 square meters(Tokorozawa) , and finally 12,000 square meters (Misawa Aviation and Science Museum)for museum and exhibition design. 

Hand-on exhibits, aircraft museums, nuclear ship exhibits, petrochemistry, robots, automobiles, architecture, mathematics, biology, etc.

Museum & Exhibition project,


As a general producer of the Aomori Prefectural Aviation Science Museum project in Misawa City, Dr.MIZUSHIMA promoted the project from 1997 to 2003. The exhibition space (10,000 square meters) is divided into two ; the aviation zone and  science center zone. 

The Aomori Prefectural Museum Construction Office has appointed Dr. MIZUSHIMA, who was the chief designer of the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, and the Office decided to let Dr. Mizushima design the Misawa Aviation Museum.

Project management for Reconstruction Historical Aircraft, 1999-2003

historical aircraft (Kokenki) rebuilt for MISAWA Aviation and Science Museum, Aomori pref. Misawa city from collecting the archival documents and photos, conducting the technical design team, rebuilt project, installation in the museum from 1999-2003.

A related book on this project : Reconstruction Historical Aircraft

After the project of reconstruction historical aircraft (Kokenki), Dr.MIZUSHIMA and his team have edited a book. How did our team organize the project, how did we reach the goal?

The book's title : "The fantastic machine again - 2000 days our challenge to restore -. Published in 2004.
ISBN-10: 4901794027

MUTSU Science Museum, 1996

Dr.MIZUSHIMA was in charge of the Mutsu Science Museum construction project. Hands-on science exhibition (1st floor of the main building).

In the 1990s, due to Japan-US trade friction, Science and Technology Agency of Japan, the sponsor of this museum, decided to purchase hand's on type science exhibits from the United States.
We have selected 33 exhibits from the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Opened in 1996.

Tokorozawa Aviation Museum,


Tokorozawa Aviation Museum is the first full-scale flight museum in Japan. Dr. MIZUSHIMA was selected as the chief of the exhibition design and demonstrated leadership throughout the project period (five years from 1988 to 1993), leading to the opening of the museum. He traveled to the US many times for advice from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Taking advantage of this experience, he was active as a general producer at Misawa Aeronautical Science Museum in Aomori Prefecture.

Recommended Industrial Heritage, 2011

The wooden biplane "Kaishiki No.1", which is a symbol exhibition of the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, will be restored, and Dr. Mizushima formed a restoration team and proceeded with the project.

This Tokorozawa Aviation Museum and "Kaishiki No.1" have been certified as“Recommended Industrial Heritage by the Japan Industrial Archeology Society”.


A related Book on this project: What is Aviation Museum? Case study of Tokorozawa Project 

After the museum construction project of Tokorozawa Aviation museum, Dr.MIZUSHIMA described the project. Published in 1993. 

Kodokan, a nationally designated special historic site, 2011

The huge earthquake that occurred in March 2011 destroyed a designated national special historic site in Mito City. Dr. MIZUSHIMA made an effort for preservation and restoration of Kodokan.

国指定特別史跡 旧弘道館



Digital archive project  2005-2013

Dr. MIZUSHIMA has been doing a digital archive of KOUDOUKAN with university students who belong to MIZUSHIMA lab every year. Digital archive of 500 photographs and postcards of Mito City Museum, old documents of KOUDOUKAN, old maps, and diaries,etc

Nagasaki city Science Museum, 1990-1992, 1997

Dr.MIZUSHIMA, as a curator of Japan Science Foundation/Science Museum, he was a chief planner of the Concept design (1988), exhibition planning(1989), collecting activites of natural specimen in Nagasaki, project management(1990-1992).

the first special exhibition when the new Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, August 1991

Dr. MIZUSHIMA produced the first special exhibition when the new Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was opened. 
An exhibition package from the French Science City called "Water Exhibition" was arranged for traveling in Tokyo. At the memorial ceremony, we welcomed His Highness the Crown Prince. Dr. MIZISHIMA guided the Crown Prince and explained the exhibition.

Sponsors: Water Resources Development Corporation, Dam Association

HITACHI city Civic center Science Museum, 1990

Dr.MIZUSHIMA was in charge of Concept design of Science center and Project planning from 1987-1988.

Tsukuba Expo, Japanese Government Pavilion, 1985

At the Tsukuba Expo held in 1985, Dr. MIZUSHIMA was appointed as the producer of the science experiment show called "Measurement Square" at the Government Building of Japan, and produced a three-month science event.

Hokuto-pia Science Museum (Tokyo), 1984 

One of the urban development projects in Kita-ku, Tokyo was the Science Museum Construction Project. It was the first project JSF started consulting. Dr. MIZUSHIMA was engaged in planning and design as a consultant.

Science Museum/Japan Science Foundation, Tokyo


Science Museum / Japan Science Foundation, the home ground of Dr. MIZUSHIMA. JSF had a broadcasting school, a science museum, and a television station. Dr. MIZUSHIMA got a position of curator in 1981.

At the museum, he was in charge of exhibition planning and design. He promoted as a project leader , then general manager of the Department of R&D.  He was engaged in exhibition of automobile, architecture, petrochemistry, electricity, robots, space, science demonstration, bicycle, ocean, etc. 330 m2 exhibition update for one year.

Through these experiences he has accumulated the knowledge, know-how and skills of a  curator of science museum.

Science Magic Show, Water Magic Show, 1982~1986

Dr. MIZUSHIMA produced a project called Science Magic Show that shows the mystery of science in front of visitors. Sponsored by the Water Resources Development Corporation and the Ministry of Construction, we also produced a project called the Water Magic Show during summer vacation.

Museum Projects

From Concept Design to production of Exhibitions, open its door to the public, exciting work continues.