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国際会議 講演 

UNESCO High Level Forum on Museums

Shenzhen, China, November 2016 (中国深圳)

The Forum was a major opportunity to bring more than 50 world class museum directors and thinkers, policy makers and stakeholders together to discuss critical issues for the future of museums. The Shenzhen Declaration was adopted at the end of the Forum, and underscores the social, cultural, educational and economic roles of museums in contemporary societies, and their contribution in educating citizens across the globe for more a peaceful world and in achieving sustainable development goals. 

UNESCO High Level Forum on Museums, Shenzhen, China, November 2016 (中国深圳)
The presentation for the Forum was published, the resume is here.

ICOM Kyoto 2019

Kyoto, Japan, September 2019
Dr.MIZUSHIMA organised a Goppion Seminar (Goppion Technology Japan)

 "Exhibition design and Museology : A dialogue about interpretation between East and West"
Speaker  : WILLIAMS, Paul  OBE(artchitect, UK), SAIKAWA Takumi (artchitect) 

15 year anniversary memorial symposium

Nagasaki, Japan, Novmber 14, 2020
As a Director General of the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture, Dr.MIZUSHIMA organised Memorial Conference and symposium at the Museum.

 長崎歴史文化博物館 開館15周年記念講演会

Aceh, Indonesia 2019

Dr.MIZUSHIMA cordinated International symposium on Risk management with Syiah Kuala University, Ache, Indonesia and University of Tsukuba, Japan. MArch 2019.


Japonism 2018 

Culture Japonaise : Spiritualité, Beauté et Traditions
Paris, France, Jamuary 2019

Keynote speech : 
invited by POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture

International Ancient Capitals Forum
Luoyang, China, 2018

世界古都论坛 (洛陽)

Session Theme 2  ‘‘The Role and Mission of Museums in Promoting Culture’’

"New Strategies for Museum Management - Case Study of Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture-" by Dr.MIZUSHIMA.

International Museum Day
Seoul, South Korea, May 2017

Invited by ICOM Korean National Committee, Dr.MIZUSHIMA made a keynote speech on future oriented collaboration among museums.

Keynote: Who creates the story? for National Identity? for local community? or for history museums? 

Management Design Forum "Tourism Business and Information Systems that Support It"

Kyoto, October 2016    Kyoto Tachibana University 
(京都橘大学 地域連携推進機構)

Keynote speech 
"Tourism" and "World Heritage" from the perspective of museum informatics - Possibility and role of digital archive-

ICOM Milan, Italy 2016

For young professionals, Dr. MIZUSHIMA gave a speech to encourage them. He has been a member of ICOM since 1987.

Based on his own experience, he made a passionate contribution to how utilizing the international organization ICOM, which is the museum platform, would lead to international contributions.

International Symposium : Information Management in a Changing World, Guangzhou, November 2015 

(中国広州, 中山大学 第6届変化世界中的信息管理国际研讨会)

Dr. MIZUSHIMA gave a keynote speech on the physical and digital restoration of the stone statue monument destroyed in 2011 as an example of digital cultural heritage.

International Symposium of ICOFOM: Museology exploring the Concept of MLA
Tsukuba, Japan, Sept. 2015

(日本 筑波大学)

As an ICOFOM board member, he organized ICOFOM at the University of Tsukuba.The theme was about future collaboration with museums, libraries and archives.

Japan-Korean Museum Forum, Seoul, 2014

Keynote speech, "Museum as Cultural Innovator
Is museum a political tool? or should it be freedom from political issues ?

Museums and Education in the 21st century, Tawian, National University of Education, 2014

Keynote speech, "Museum and Politics" 

ICOM ITC,  Beijing, 2013

Dr. MIZUSHIMA gave a lecture as the first lecturer after the opening ceremony of the International Training Center.

Yongwol International Museum Forum, Yongwol,  Korea, October 2013

Dr. MIZUSHIMA made a speech "What should we preserve?  What should we change? ---Points in the Revision to the Museum Law---"

ICOFOM conference, Tunis,
Tunisia, November 2012

Dr. MIZUSHIMA gave a lecture on the experience of cultural heritage education in Libya. It was emphasized that knowing one's own culture is the first step in world peace and that museums contribute to world peace.

ICOM ASPAC Assembly, 2012

Wuhan, China, 中国武漢

Dr. MIZUSHIMA addressed the importance of museum internationalization. He attended the ICOM ASPAC Wuhan meeting despite being in the situation of cutting his Achilles heel as head of the Japanese delegation. Blessed by Chinese friends.

International Conference of Prehistoric Cultural Heritage, Guilin China, 2010


Organized by Prehistoric Site Museums Committee of Museum Association of China

Keynote speech : "What do we think of CONTEXTUALISM of Architectural Heritage with Site Museum ?" 再考 文脈主義 建築遺産/遺跡博物館

Special Seminar on Cultural Heritage in North Africa,
Tripoli, Libya, August 2010

Organized by Libyan Archaeological Agency, Dr.MIZUSHIMA and Prof.Hidaka made a keynote speech and workshop. 

Korean Museum 100 year anniversary

Seoul, Korea, 2009

Organized the 100th anniversary ceremony of Korean Museum. Dr. MIZUSHIMA was invited by the Korean Museum Association to give a congratulatory speech and address the importance of Japan-Korea relations in the future.

ICOM ASPAC Assembly, Tokyo 2009

As a vice chair of ICOM Japan, Dr.MIZUSHIMA organized ICOM ASPAC 2009. Especially, he invited younger professionals and young scholars from 22 Asian countires. It was a stimulus for young Asian curators.

Natural History museum conference 
Gyeryogsan, Korea, 2010

organized by Gyeryogsan Natural History Museum, Dr. MIZUSHIMA's speech argued that the Museum of Natural History really wondered if it was acting as a museum in an era of intense environmental change, and insisted on reviewing the role of the Museum of Natural History again.

ICOM Shanghai 2010

As a vice chair of ICOM Japan, Dr. MIZUSHIMA took part in ICOM 2010 in Shanghai, China with 96 Japanese museum officials.

With Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Leona Ezaki 

In front of the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industry, Paris, 1994

Dr.MIZUSHIMA organized Special Lecture by Nobel Prize winner for the children in France . 

Education & Lectures

as a Professor and Educator of museology, 
he has trained many curators with his proper guidance.