International projects 

Each project has a story to tell. 
There were various events on our way. 
Everything started out fumbling, and through trial and error, the team worked well, Dr.MIZUSHIMA was able to build trust and achievements up to this point. 

We will continue to learn a lot from new challenges 
without forgetting our aspirations.

Libya, Tocra, 2007-2011

Planning, Design for Tocra archaeological Museum

Before revolution of Libya  in 2011, Dr.MIZUSHIMA, with several professors from University of Tsukuba and experts, presented the new museum concept for the preservation of archaeological site and exhibition design using the historical objects to the central and local government. 

Libya, Tripoli,  2010

Certificate of appreciation by the Libyan Archaeological Agency 

Dr. MIZUSHIMA was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Libyan Archaeological Agency for several years of educational contributions to the university students in Libya and numerous training and advice for professional staffs.

Turkey, Istanbul,  2005-2012 

Aya Sophia Museum, Risk management research project 

With a scientific research permission of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, Dr. MIZUSHIMA and his team visited Aya Sophia Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, 2 - 3 times a year between 2005 to 2012, and pointed out the problems of musealization of historic buildings and analyzed the behavior of visitors at the Museum. Their team have compiled a survey report on Risk Management in times of emergency (earthquakes, fires, terrorism, etc).

Turkey, Istanbul,  2011-2012

Chora Museum (Kariye Müzesi), Visitor behavior analysis survey project 

Dr. MIZUSHIMA has organised a research team for Chora Museum, including Archaeological museum (İstanbul Arkeoloji Müzeleri) to analyze the behavior of visitors at the Museum. 

USA, Seattle, 2000-2003

Miss Veedol reproduction project with Museum of Flight

In 1931, the plane succeeded in the first non-stop flight in the Pacific Ocean from Japan (Misawa city) to the mainland US (Wenatchee). To restore this historic plane for Misawa Aviation and Science Museum, Dr. MIZUSHIMA has organised to rebuild it with  Museum of Flight in 

Seattle and Wenatchee Museum.

USA, Wenatchee, 2002

Collaboration with Wenatchee Museum, 

Dr. MIZUSHIMA has made an effort to conclude a cooperation agreement between The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center and Misawa Aviation Museum. 

Miss Veedol : reproduction project for Misawa Aviation and Science Museum 

Miss Veedol is a symbol exhibition of the Misawa Aviation Museumm Japan.

Test run

Dr.Mizushima gives instructions for the restoration project.

The Miss Veedle, with Clyde Pangbourne and Hugh Herndon taking off from Misawa, landed in Wenatchee, Washington, the next day, after a 41-hour flight. This made them the first non-landing pilots across the North Pacific.

Former curator of Museum of Flight was responsible for reconstruction aircraft Miss.Veedol.

Test run with engine on

Commemorative photo of American team and Japanese team. From Japan, a specialist in historical investigation accompanied us.

France, Paris, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (CSI), 1987-1988, 1993-1997

Dr. MIZUSHIMA belonged to the Department of International Development in his thirties (1987-1988, 1993-1997) and made efforts to raise awareness of French Scientific Culture. During his job in CSI, he coordinated permanent exhibitions (Space and Earth) and  temporary exhibitions (Health, Math, Biology, Chemistry) . Between 1993 and 1997, he organised many travelling exhibitions from Paris to Japan, consulting to South Korea, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong for public understanding of science.

Especially Dr.MIZUSHIMA coordinated for a new Science Center's project in Osaka and Tokyo, he worked from Franch side to give technical advice as a project manager.

>>> Kids Plaza Osaka

>>> National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation


Cote d'Ivoire, 1999

Planning for Science & Technology Culture Center

After a long discussion with politician from Cote d'Ivoire, Dr. MIZUSHIMA has compiled a proposal for a plan of new Science and Technology Cultural Center for Cote d'Ivoire.

Indonesia, Aceh, Museum TSUNAMI, 2015

Dr. MIZUSHIMA visited Museum of Tsunami for the first time in 2015 by the invitation of Unesco Jakarta Office and evaluated the museum.

Later in 2017, he visited Aceh to review as a follow up project and prepare for a joint symposium on natural disasters and risk management in Japan and Indonesian university.

Indonesia, UNESCO Jakarta Office, Museum evaluation & Workshop Building Consensus, 2015

The symposium was held from various viewpoints such as the evaluation of TSUNAMI Museum, the future of the museum, and the renewal of the exhibition. From Japan, 3 experts took part in this workshop.

Indonesia, Aceh, International symposium on Risk Management, 2018

An international symposium was held jointly with Syrah Kuala University in Aceh, Indonesia and the University of TSUKUBA in March 2018. Dr. MIZUSHIMA played an active role as a coordinator for this event.

Indonesia, Bandung, Museum of Geology, 2015

The Geology museum has unsorted minerals and old photographs of the Japanese colonial period. As a museum expert, Dr. MIZUSHIMA gave appropriate advice.

Philippine, Los Bagnos, AgriMuseum project, 2017

At the request of The Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) of the University of the Philippines, the Ministry of Education of Japan dispatched Dr.MIZUSHIMA to the Philippines as a short-term project for experts. On site, he provided an educational program to graduate students and gave technical advice to SEARCA staff for building a new agricultural museum.

Expertise and technical advise 

Based on 40 years of experience and achievements of Dr.MIZUSHIMA cultivated so far, he gave a short-term intensive lecture on museum planning, design, exhibition, functions required for the new museum.

International contribution through museums and education

Achieving great results requires unwavering belief. That is why Dr. MIZUSHIMA can produce results. He and his team recognize not only the hardware aspects of museum planning, architectural design, and exhibition design, but also the importance of soft power aspects through educational activities.

China, Beijing, ICOM International Training Center, 2013

Dr. MIZUSHIMA served as a planning committee member of the ITC planned by ICOM and as a representative of the Asia-Pacific region. He also contributed as an instructor to the ITC's first international training program, which was established in 2013.

ICOM member since 1987

Dr.MIZUSHIMA has been a member of the International Council of Museums since 1987. 
He was the organizer of ICOM ASPAC Tokyo in 2009, and ICOFOM conference in Tsukuba Japan 2015.

From 2013 to 2016 he was a board member of ICOFOM(Museology).

Giving museum expertise is the first step in world peace, 2011

Though the languages are different, the desire for peace is universal. 
Museums, art, cultural heritage, conservation, and education are Dr. MIZUSHIMA's life work. 

In 2011, a letter of appreciation was presented in recognition of his multi-year lectures at three universities in Libya.

Alger, Tunis, Tripoli, Rome, Istanbul, 2005-2012

Dr. MIZUSHIMA received a Scientific Grant from the Japanese government for academic research, and studied on-site North Africa continuously for 8 years from 2005 to 2012 for "Protection and Succession of Byzantine Architectural Heritage". 

There are various research sites such as World Heritage Sites in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Italy and Turkey.

International projects with Exploratorium (1993,1998,2000,2003)

Dr.MIZUSHIMA had several International projects with Exploratorium in SFO, USA.

  • for Digital Museum seminar, sponsored by UCHIDA YOKOH.  2003
  • for SONY Exploratoirum in Beijing, China. He worked as a coordinator with Sony (Japan), China, USA, to promote the exhibition design in 2000.
  • for the SLN (Science Learning Network) sponsored by Franklin Institute/Science Museum and UNISYS to create scientific contents with several science museums in the world, Project launched 1994, participation between 1996-1997.
  • for MUTSU Science, to create exhibition, 1993, 1998.

USA, Seattle, Museum of Flight, 2002

We received a great deal of cooperation from the Museum of Flight in constructing the Misawa Aviation Museum. Dr. MIZUSHIMA played an active role as a coordinator between Japan and the United States. Finally two museums had signed a cooperation agreement.

China, Sociology of Museum, 2014-2015

Field research on WW II museums in East Asia.
The theme was "museum in the age of Post-colonialism".  Receiving an academic grant from JFE 21st Century Foundation, Dr.MIZUSHIMA researched  the current state of museums in China (Harbin, Shenyang, Dalian, Jinju, Lushun, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai), South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.


There is a project that everyone in the world can work on with passion.

World Heritage Studies

 as a field worker, Dr.MIZUSHIMA studied 
World Heritage site in North Africa.

Here, you can enjoy virtual visit in Libya.

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