museum project

Technical advice 

for exhibition, conservation environment

Based on Dr. Mizushima's many years of experience, our consulting firm MARC Solution,  provides technical advice such as design methodology, considerations learned from failures and best practice. 

In particular, in the design work, we conduct preliminary study on museum exhibition design, and ex-post evaluation after design is completed. For some projects, we provide consulting as a design support service.

Museum Design 

for exhibition design, contents design.

In addition to the above technical advice, we provide consulting as a design support service, depending on the project. Or we will undertake the exhibition design itself. 

In this case, a specialized team will be organized and members will be formed according to the exhibition area, project scale, conditions and specifications required for the exhibition.

Professional training

for running a museum, operation, capacity building, professional ethics, administration.

The difference between museums and other cultural facilities is that there are exhibits (traditions, culture, history, science) and specialists who handle them. 

Specialized training is required on objects-collection, people, the environment, historical materials, preservation and conservation, control of the exhibition environment. 

In addition, if your projects need a special intensive training, we will send a training instructor for a lecture on the ethical rules of the museum, etc.

Analysis for evaluation

museum management, activities, functions, social value...

If a historical building is open to the public as a museum, it is necessary to conduct an environmental survey and a risk analysis that affects visitors, in addition to investigating the life of the building. 

Not only the hardware side, but also the software aspect of the museum management is necessary. 

The museum is evaluated and analyzed based on the museum evaluation standards developed by Dr. MIZUSHIMA.


Dr. Mizushima regularly provided technical advice on renewal plans, for example,  the Museum of Gyeonghi University in South Korea. 

Discussions were conducted on the concept design, the exhibition basic design, architectural functionality survey, data transfer planning, feasibility study, operation plan, digital archive project procedure plan, etc., and finally the Dr. MIZUSHIMA compiled the technical specifications. (2016-2017)

Feasibility study

Many museum construction projects may require a feasibility study. 
Even for a project that cannot be judged by architects, exhibition designers, or administrators, 
it is possible to request a feasibility study from an outside expert. 

In this case, Dr.MIZUSHIMA and his team, MARC  Solution would be useful.

 + works in these areas: 

  • strategic project planning & business planning
  • help with concept development for new or redeveloping museums, or cultural heritage institutions
  • advice on strategy & policy development for museums
  • guidance on governance & museum management structures
  • assistance with operational & financial issues

On site training 

and education for young  professional : 
Research methodology, Digital archive, Exhibition, conservation...etc

individual workshop or a small group museological practice.

The education policy for human resources development 

is to activate the intellectual & creative potential of younger professionals by being a catalyst for the process of learning and training. 

Practice makes professionals.
Trial and error.
It takes much time. Education is a kind of agriculture. 

In order to be a curator, it takes much time.

However, if a systematic programs were prepared,
 we can be what we do wish. 

The right educational environment will grow specialists and professionals.

Work together, 
teacher can learn from students, 
students learn from teacher,

On site training (in museum)