Dr.MIZUSHIMA Eiji's profile, as a Innovator.

  • Museum Curator
  • Professor
  • Museum Director General
  • Chair of Museum Management Academy
  • Scientific Advisor
  • Consultant
  • International Bridge
  • Museologist
  • Field Worker
  • Educator 

International specialist in the development and management of museum, cultural heritage and cultural institutions.  

He has worked throughout Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, etc, and overseas on consultancy projects. 

He has lectured widely on cultural heritage developments, and written many articles and books on museums/heritage matters.

Specialty in museums and museology

  • Director General, Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture (2018.4~  )
  • Professor, University of Tsukuba, Tokiwa University (2003.4~2018.3)
  • CEO, iLand Space Corporation, Japan (2018.6~  )
  • Consultant, Goppion Technology Japan (Shukoh, 2019.1~ )
  • Consultant, Academic Advisor, Goppion, Italy (2018.11~2020.4 )

(Japanese museum related position)

  • Chair, Japan Museum Management Academy (2016~ )
  • Member, Curator Qualification Committee, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan (2015~2020) 
  • Central Education Council (Ministry of Education), technical committee member / temporary member (2005-2009)
  • Chair, Museum Council, Evaluation Committee (Tokyo Metropolitan  Government, Yokohama city, Ibaraki Pref., Shimane Pref.) (2003~2018)
  • Japanese  Association of Museums : Standing Committee members (2000~2010)
  • Curator, Science Museum / Japan Science Foundation (1981~2003)

(Relation with China)

  • President, CEO, MARC-ASPAC  亚太地区文博与文化产业高级研究中心(Museum & Culture Advanced Research Center in Asia Pacific 2012.11~)
  • Certified Expert, Counselor's Office, State Council of China (中国国務院参事室    中央文史研究馆)  (2010~ )


  • Member, DRTF ICOM : Disaster Relief Task Force (2011~2016)
  • Vice Chair of ICOM Japan (2006-2011)
  • Member , ICOM (1987~ )
  • Editorial Board member for ...

      - Museum International, ICOM/Routlege (2012-2016)

      - International Journal of Intangible Heritage, ICOM/National Folk Museum of Korea (2005-2015)

Dr.MIZUSHIMA's Activities

Since 1981, he has been contributing to the world of museums.

As a curator...

Dr.MIZUSHIMA spent 22 years at the science museum (in Japan, France) as a curator, and have worked on many projects around the world, organizing many permanent and temporary exhibition, designing museums. 

As a Professor...

at the University of Tsukuba (筑波大学), and as a scientist, he has been involved in education, teaching Museology, Conservation Science, Collection Management,  Exhibition Design & Museography, Information Management, including overseas research, for 15 years. 

研究者番号 | 70372886

It is human power that drives organizations and the world. He is now focusing on Professional education and training as a consultant. 

As a Science advisor...

as a science advisor for NHK World, program "Science View".  He is in charge of culture, cultural heritage, museums, and conservation science and has appeared on many programs. 

Recently, he also went to location and commentary on the tropical museum of Nagasaki University School of Medicine, Mt. Fuji, Unzen Geopark, the collection of the National Science Museum, and the backyard of the Tokyo National Museum.

As a Museum Director...

for Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture, since 2005 he has been active as a visiting researcher, and special assistant for former Director. Since 2018 he has been involved in museum management  as Director General (長崎歴史文化博物館).  

As a Chair of Museum Management Academy

since 1998, member of JMMA (Japan Museum Management Academy). In 2006, he serves as a vice chair, since 2016, he manage the Academy as a Chair.

As a consultant

from October 2018 to April 2020, he had be working as a consultant (scientific advisor, marketing, coordinating the project, etc) for world famous museum display case maker "Goppion", headquater in Milan, ITALY.

As a International bridge

For the development of International relations, Nagasaki  has a long relations with China. As a museum director, he would like to develop the international relations and use his experience to improve Museum in museum around the world.

Visited the Consul GeneralConsulate General of China in Nagasaki in April 2018.

As a bridge between China & Japan 

For the development of International relations, especially China and Japan, Dr.MIZUSHIMA visited the Counselor's Office of the State Council of China several times as an advisor for a museum planned by Central Literature Research Center (中国国務院参事室) 中央文史研究馆 2010.

Spokesman as a museum expert from Japan

A Chinese special TV program was planned  about how the Chinese museum world developed, and Dr. MIZUSHIMA explained from a Japanese point of view, as a representative of Japan. 
He praised the development of Chinese museums today.

Certificate : expert of museology

From the Counselor's Office of the State Council of China 中国国務院参事室 中央文史研究馆

As a bridge between Korea & Japan 

For the development of International relations, between Korea and Japan, Dr.MIZUSHIMA made an effort for a research cooperation agreement with the Korean Society of Museum Studies 韓国博物館学会 and JMMA (Japan Museum Management Academy).

As a bridge between Taiwan & Japan 

For the development of International relations, between Taiwan and Japan, Dr.MIZUSHIMA made an effort for a research cooperation agreement with Chinese Association of Museums 中華民國博物館學會 and JMMA (Japan Museum Management Academy).

As a museologist

Thanks to many museologist in the world, Dr. MIZUSHIMA has learned a lot from Z.Z Stransky, and from many Chairs of ICOFOM.
Recognized knowledge management, theory and practice in museums.

As a field worker

Dr. MIZUSHIMA visited museums in 30 countries as a fieldworker. In this way he has linked the museum scene with his own eyes to many of his works.

As a educator

The reason why Professor Mizushima is liked by students at the university is that he teaches practical training in a strict but kind manner.

At university, he taught the following subjects: 
Museology, Cultural heritage studies, Conservation science, Collection, Exhibition & Museum Design, Cataloging, Information resources management, Digital archive, Collection management, Museum management, History of Science, etc.

As a editorial board member 

International Journal of Intangible Heritage

Dr.MIZUSHIMA's activites

The most influential is education. Teaching from beginners to professionals is something you learn by yourself.

Curriculum Vitae (Dr.MIZUSHIMA Eiji) 

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, majored in applied chemistry and conservation science, joined the Japan Science Foundation (JSF) / Science Museum as a curator. During 22 years he promoted to the director, Department of Planning and Development and Deputy Director of JSF.

After his engagement of JSF, he move to the university, invited as a professor of museology, 
engaged in educational and scientific research, for 15 years.

Since 1985, he has been working on many international projects.

Tokyo University of Science, School of Science & Engineering
(applied chemistry /conservation science) 1981

Université de Paris VII, troisième cycle(museologie scientifique) 

J.E.Purkyne University (Bruno, Czeckoslovakia) ISSM: International Summer School of Museology

Deutsches Museum,
International Seminar of Museum Management


Stagiaire à l'étranger, ENP, Dijon, Ministère de la Culture - DRAC Bourgogne - Franche-Comté (Jan- Feb, 1996) 

École National du Patrimoine(ENP), museologie (Paris)


University of Tsukuba, Ph.D Program, Cultural Heritage Studies

世界遺産学専攻 学位取得 (博士)

International Activities

Since 1981, Dr. MIZUSHIMA has been working as an international museum. For the first 20 years, there were many exhibition designs and museum designs for science museums, but around 2000, there were many projects related to the protection of cultural heritage.
Overseas museums in 30 countries.

Scientific research in Libya

Museum Design for Tocra, Libya

Dr. MIZUSHIMA taught children the pride of their own culture and heritage.

He taught a college student at an archeological site as a practice site.

World Heritage studies in Libya

  • Archaeological Site of Sabratha
  • Leptis Magna
  • Cyrene
  • Apollonia

World Heritage studies in Tunisia

  • Old Town of Tunis
  • Site of Carthage
  • Punic Town of Kerkuane and its Necropolis
  • Amphitheatre of El Jem
  • Old Towm of Sousse
  • Dougga/Thugga

World Heritage studies in Algeria

  • Kasbah of Algiers

Visitor survey at the Archaeological Museum in Istanbul.

  • Public Relations
  • Commentator for scientific TV program
  • Media 
  • Lecturer

NHK World: Science View
Science Advisor
since 2011 

NHK World: Science View

The latest program : 
"Medical History of Nagasaki" in July 2018.

Professor : 2003-2018

  • University of Tsukuba, Graduate School
  • Tokiwa University, Dean

Guest Professor: 2007-2012

  • Gifu Women's University

Part-time lecturer (1998-2015)

  • Gakushuin University, Graduate school in Archival Science (学習院大学)
  • Ibaraki University (茨城大学)
  • Seikei University (成蹊大学)
  • Komazawa Women's University (駒沢女子大学)
  • Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (東京海洋大学)
  • Japan Women's University (日本女子大学)

Museum Director General: 2018 -

Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture

To be a Grate Museum connecting Nagasaki and the world

Dr.MIZUSHIMA cordinated International symposium on Risk management with Syiah Kuala University, Ache, Indonesia and University of Tsukuba, Japan. MArch 2019.

Culture japonaise : spiritualité, beauté et traditions
Paris, Jamuary 2019

At the invitation of POLA Foundation of Japanese Culture, Dr.MIZUSHIMA attended "Japonism 2018" in Paris and gave a keynote speech. 

Culture japonaise : spiritualité, beauté et traditions
Paris,  25 Jamuary 2019

Keynote by Dr.MIZUSHIMA "Cultural heritage protection and spiritual culture"

Hôtel de l'industrie(4 Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 75006 Paris)

UNESCO High Level Forum on Museums, Guanzhou, China, 10-12 November, 2016 

International Committee for Museology
Board member ICOFOM, 2013-2016

Dr. MIZUSHIMA gave a keynote speech at the symposium "Thinking about curator training and information technology education" (hosted by Nihon University), July 2016

ICOFOM International Conference, in Tsukuba, Japan
September 2015 

Dr.Mizushima was an organizer of this symposium. The theme was "Museum, Library and Archives collaboration".

Gift from Chairman of Chinese Museum Association to Dr.MIZUSHIMA, 2010


Lecture on Museum and Politics: A perspective of Musealization, March 2014

思源講座、輔仁大学 (Taiwan)
Fu Jen Catholic University

Dr. MIZUSHIMA participated as an expert in the plan to create a master's program in museum management at E-JUST (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology), 2014.